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Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has been around a good long while, it was legally incorporated as a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Arkansas in 2003. This historic accomplishment was made possible by deciding to stop following the lead of so many others who were accomplishing little if anything for White Christian America. We realized several important things:

1. There is no more time for foolishness America is in a desperate hour, our National sovereignty is at risk, the future of our children is at risk. No fraternal club, or violent gang has any real chance to make positive change.

2. The struggle will not be won with mob violence in the streets. We cannot persuade our white Christian brethren by standing on courthouse steps screaming racial epithets.

3. The struggle will be met in the courts and legislatures of our nation and this is where we must concentrate our efforts if we hope to accomplish positive change. To do so we must meet our detractors on a level playing field, we must have the same recognition as those groups we are in opposition to.

4. We must hire our own lawyers, accountants and other professionals. We must not depend on ACLU to represent our views. We must be legally recognized as the voice of White Christian America. This will cost more money, this will take more time, work and sacrifice but, it is the ONLY way we can succeed.

5. We must prove our case before the world openly, it is to these ends we strive.

What makes us better?

First we are not concerned with attacks on the many klan-styled clubs and organizations whether incorporated or not, we make no claim against any. We will state our qualification and willingness to work. We leave the choice to the public, they will decide if we are worthy of their support. They will decide based on what we say and what we do; even more they will decide by how, we accomplish our agenda. We simply state our qualifications and allow you to decide. With all this we have neither need or time to rundown other Klan type organizations, their leaders or members; such as do are likely "agent provocateurs" seeking to sew doubt and suspicion among our people.


If we thought for a moment, any other organization had a better agenda and any chance of success we assure you that is where we would be and who we would support unstintingly.

We believe in accountability especially in financial matters, our books are audited annually by an out side auditor, a firm with no ties to this organization. We pay both State and Federal taxes on any profits realized. We are NOT a non-profit therefore we are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act as all non-profits are.

The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has a credit rating, we pay our bills. We are a legitimate business in every way. We have a real agenda, one not based on mindless hatred or anti-government rhetoric. We denounce violence as an acceptable means of accomplishing our agenda in every instance. We do not have members in prisons or jails, we cannot help our Nation or people from behind bars!

Most forms of public protest give our detractors evidence of a hateful motivation and engender sympathy for the opposition, " see the bad Klan is picking on the poor black man". We will not give the propagandist press more fodder for its campaign against white Christian America. We must work smarter. Most public rallies only give the media footage to over-voice or use out of context propagating fear, making those we need to reach afraid to listen to our message or even ask a question and when this happens the enemies of America win the psychological battle. Why should we aid them by doing what they expect and need? Again we must think smarter, this requires leadership, an agenda that makes sense and true patriots willing to stand up for our history, heritage and culture.

We know with certainty, the issues that face our Nation will not be settled by mobs in the streets. We know we cannot hope to accomplish a positive agenda standing on some courthouse steps screaming racial epithets, marching down streets or protesting even in the most peaceable demeanor. We know these issues must and will be decided inside the courts and legislatures of our land, this is the battle field on which we must engage. We must have and deserve the recognition necessary to file briefs before the courts. We must have the grass roots voting support that gets the attention of our law makers. This is accomplished by, being a legal law abiding entity with a reputation for paying our taxes and paying our bills. We must continue to build a grass roots constituency of voters until we can persuade legislators that we do indeed represent the voice of White Christian America and that our voice must be heard and recognized as legitimate.

This is a realistic agenda and we must be about it. We need not worry or concern ourselves with others or what they may claim to be doing, if they do well God be praised, if they fail, ( and most do) we must work all the harder to prove our case. What is essential is that IF we remain firm in our commitment, we have the ONLY certain chance to save our Nation and people.

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