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Ku Klux Klan

The Triple Tau, the emblem in the center of our flag, is as ancient a symbol as any ever recorded. It has been used to represent deity, life and death, its use as symbol of Christianity dates back to Christ, as the symbol an H, bisected by a T, the H representing God the T the cross or Christ.

The Prophet Ezekiel speaks of the Tau, or Tau cross as the mark distinguishing those who were to be saved, on account of their sorrow for their sins, from those who, as idolaters, were to be slain. It was mark of favorable distinction.

It is thought by scholars to represent the Temple of Jerusalem, Templum Hierosolymae, this the first temple was built, not by Jews, but by the children of Israel our own forefathers, the chosen of God. It is uniquely a symbol from the white race from far off antiquity.

Thus we peek through the gauzy veil of klannishness, its history, and true character maligned by profiteers and lesser men. Some will tell you its of no value today, others will obscure their ignorance by a cloak of misinformation or denial. This as much as the Holy Bible must be seen with the eyes of faith.

For us as Klansmen, and women it is a symbol our repentance for the sins of this world, homosexuality, abortion, idolatry of every stripe, and the hatred of Gods Chosen people, as Jews wore the star, we bear the triple Tau.  We insist the white race has the right to exist, and this right must be acknowledged. If our right to exist is not established, the sure and certain destruction of all our history and heritage, is at hand.

True repentance is not running away from evil, but rather in standing against it, like in the case of those who recently attacked our nation, we will not hide and weep, but roar and fight! So we must stand, often alone, marked before the world, as those who hold truth, honor, and dignity, faith, hope, and charity above mere lip service offered by the apologist. Standing against the communist demagogues, who stand on a pile of infant corpses screaming, they have the right to choose who lives and dies, those who blaspheme the name of God by refusing to allow prayer in our public schools. We hate no one, a father who loves his child may not like that child's ways as the child grows to adulthood, yet his love is not diminished. It takes strong love to separate yourself from a wayward friend or, family member. It takes courage to stand away from the popular crowd. It brings us to tears to see people heading for destruction, and say I love you as you see them stepping off into oblivion. Hate is for those who would deny God, not for those who cry for justice. No one is justified by hatred.

The truth is it never has been about hatred, but rather, about those who love their own racial heritage enough to defend it. Enough to defend our right to exist, to worship in a free society, to educate our children about their history, heritage, literature, and art. We ask no more than others, and will accept nothing less either.

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