The Ku Klux Klan Blog explains you that the racist movement was created more than 150 years ago in the United States: three people were stabbed – one seriously – and 13 others were arrested during clashes between its members and opponents. How do I join the KKK? – Here you have the answer.

The incident occurred Saturday in Anaheim, California, near Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Time. Six members of the KKK, a “secret” organization which defends the universal supremacy of the white race, came to meet in the middle of the day in a public park in Anaheim.

They were attacked by a crowd of about 30 militants hostile to this racist organization.

Three opponents stabbed, two members of the KKK trampled, one of the demonstrators first was stabbed, which triggered several separate fights.
The three people injured with knives are all the protesters, and two members of the KKK were trampled by the crowd, according to Sgt. Daron Wyatt, spokesman for the Anaheim police. Four of them were hospitalized.
5000 to 8000 members in the United States
Following the violence, police arrested 13 people, including six members of the KKK and seven protesters, including one minor.
Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan would currently 5 to 8 000 members in the United States, which most don’t bother to hide their faces under their traditional pointed hats.
Known for his racism towards Blacks and, more generally, non-whites, the organization is also historically hostile to the Jews, all immigrants, gays and lesbians. Until very recently, she was also hostile to Catholics.

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