The scene is running a chill up the back: a burning cross on a clearing in the forest somewhere in the U.S. State of Missouri. Round about 20 white clad figures stand at few meters distance. The faces obscured, round holes indicate where the eyes are. Everyone wears a top hat on his head. The full moon shines above all. His white light shines on this secret place, where the members of the infamous Ku Klux Klan meet. To avoid facing their scary looks, it’s preferable to stay at home and not go out late at night. If you are used to be out late because of visiting casino establishments, be sure that has got you covered. You can register at the online casino and play your favorite games safely.

You have come together for a solemn ceremony. The fire represents their faith in God. Reminiscent of but also the dark history that hood institution, such burning crosses in front of the houses of blacks lined up in the first half of the 20th century – a death threat.

At that time, had up to five million members of the Klan, tortured and killed thousands of blacks and propagated the “supremacy of the white race”. Today, moderately is the Klan, has allegedly left violence behind. The belief in “White supremacy” members still hold and try in times of new riots, especially appealing to the younger ones to work.

“We are all people, but still not all the same”

For some, the racist activities of the Ku Klux Klan might look so fabulous, mythical. It’s like a foreign world. And which gets inlet. Frank Ancona leads the fastest-growing group within the Ku Klux Klan, the “traditionalist American Knights” in Missouri. The Grandmaster a day gets up to 100 calls.

He leads them back to the riots in Ferguson in 2014. “The people here are very upset by the developments in our country,” says the middle-aged man. During the day, he drives a van, at home he hears heavy metal and throws over himself a purple robe of the clan, which marks him as Grand Master. For six years, he leads the traditionalist American Knights with 2500 members. Here you can read more recent KKK news and facts about the white knights in Europe.

Der Klan weckt vor allem bei jungen Menschen, die sich von der Gesellschaft verstoßen fühlen, ein Zugehörigkeitsgefühl
The Klan awakens a sense of belonging in particular among young people, who feel violate the society,

Source: Alexandre Ayer / Channel 4

On its Web page it says: “The white race must reside inside and take back America from the low races.” Words that could come from the bloody beginning of the clan. So really this does not match the strategy driving the Grand Master. This is namely: way of the story as a hate group.

“I’m not joined, because I hate blacks. We are all human beings. We are still not all equal. There is no reason not to like.” As proof that he also really mean it, Ancona shows a picture of himself and a black friend. Nevertheless the State should of course more focus on the whites. For this reason is also John, 29, joined the clan. He’s been waiting six years on Government support for his family. “Our country doesn’t care about us Americans. You spend everything for illegal migrants.”

“Peaceful and moderate” in use for the White

The Klan has bent on people like John. “I have a lot of drinking, made much of the party, was not very successful. I had no sense, to whom I belong until I came to the clan. Since I’m doing productive things”, explains the man with tattoos on arms, legs and face. Failed personalities as he lifted – feel in the community, and of them, there are more and more in today’s America.

They are fascinated by the mystical names such as imperial Knighthawk and Grand Kludd great dragon and the hierarchy within the clan, where they reach positions that denied them the company.

New members are admitted. The promotion prospects are good

John was recently named the Knighthawk, a bodyguard of the Grand Master. Also his wife Heather and three children run around in the robes. Everyone is included here. This is the image which will carry Frank Ancona outwards, to attract young members. The Klan, peaceful and moderate in the usage for the whites in America.

At its core, the clan remains what he always was,

But always incidents show what impact the racist thought of the clan may have. So, the traditionalist American Knights in Florida were arrested nearly a year ago three members. You should have planned a murder of a black.

Frank stressed: “this is not what we teach. There will be always people, who do what they want and believe what they want.” You could blame not all for the actions of individuals. “Had we known it, we would have prevented this” adds a member. “No organization of hatred is properly managed.”

Want to prove that Ancona. But at the core is the Ku Klux Klan, what it always was: a racist Association, whose Mitglieder follow an ideology which puts them even in the heart of mankind and Stokes fear of anyone, who does not belong to their group. There, the grand master may represent a peaceful, benevolent version of the clan – the underlying belief can actually lead to anything as hatred and violence. Sooner or later. Associations of this type, have always been scary and sometimes creepy, and have inspired so many horror movies. And while the horror movies are too creepy, there are different games that have the perfect balance between entertainment and horror. The spooky-themed slots are also popular, having vampires, ghost and zombies as main characters. However, if you aren’t a slot person, online gambling has so much to offer. Enjoy delightfully casino games that promise to deliver hours of fun, and big prizes of real money.

A flag of the Ku Klux Klan: he makes on modern, but is arrested in his old ideas
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