Founded on December 24, 1865, the KKK is a Protestant white supremacist organization in the United States.

The Creation of the Klan originally is a direct consequence of the defeat of the southern Confederate troops against the Northern unionists at the end of the civil war.

Little by little, the Klan will turn into a secret army of resistance in the South.

In 1871, the KKK is prohibited because of extreme violence to which he delivers against Blacks and northerners.

In 1915, the Klan resumed his activities, with the support of Americans of the middle and lower classes who fear erosion of rural and conservative values.

In 1925, the KKK is present everywhere in the Canada.

In 1929, the Klan claims to have 40,000 members.

Differences of opinion within the Klan burst in the run-up to the second world war.
The rise of Nazism in Germany attracts the sympathy of some members. Even a few links will be created, but everything collapses after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese air force. Many members of the Klan committed to go to war against the Japan. The Germany Nazi, allied to Japan, is designated as an enemy, the links were forged some members break.

In 1944, the Ku Klux Klan disappears officially.


After the 2nd World War, many people will try to revive the KKK, but nothing will be…


In 1978, there were approximately 10,000 members

in 2000, the Klan would count 5, 000-8, 000 members in 179 sections, it is organized with various Nazi skinheads movements.